Building Things That Last


About us


Building Things That Last

... like relationships. Trust, lines of communication.

Or, like houses, or solar arrays, rain collection systems, chicken coops, additions, puppet theaters, hydro wheels, & much more. 

Everything we build, repair, or maintain is with an emphasis on quality and an eye toward future generations.


Making You More Resilient

Take responsibility for your energy usage and save money by hiring us to install solar or wind. Renewable energy can put the power in your hands. We'll be there to help keep things running for years to come. 


The Creative Edge

Specializing in outside the box problem solving, we have the experience and skills to do things the standard way, and the ingenuity to think broad-picture, consider all options, and find creative solutions to weird problems.

Driftless Wisconsin

We like to work locally here in Wisconsin's beautiful Driftless region. But traveling is an option too.

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Educating You

Not everybody has the know-how to properly design a project - but we can help. With a non-judgemental, helpful attitude, we will strive for your true understanding of the process, so you can be confident your decisions are the right ones. We can work alongside you if you want to have a hand in your own project. We can even empower you to be more self-reliant by teaching the skills we use as we work.

Best of All Worlds

If you're looking for professional expert contractor services at a price you can afford, from real people who can see your perspective, and who love nature, you've come to the right place: Resilient.